fredag 9. januar 2009


The lates project between the two schools are called Bridges and is to promote mobilities, develop international cooperation, improve quality of education and aims at exchage of ecperience between partner schools.

Both schools are local state schools that takes care of all the pupils needs and both institutions wants to build bridges, the real ones (pictures and models), and those to link our societies through getting to know our cultures, traditions, languages etc.

In May 2009 15 students from AA ungdomsskole are travelling to Wroclaw in Poland to meet the students and staff at G18. We will stay for one week, work together and get to know each other. The students in Norway are very exited about this trip and preparing themself.

In May 2010 15 students from G18 in Wroclaw will come to Norway.

Follow this blogg and stay informed!

Visitors last year

In the beginning of May 2008 students from G18 came to Lyngdal. We danced, cooked, painted and played together for some few days. If you like lo lood at some pictrues you can visit the homepage of AA ungdomsskole at this adress:

Now the students from the picture are out of our schools, but they still have the frindship.